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Travel with fellow aspiring PTs to shadow physical therapy professionals! Set your resume apart with a unique experience and rigorous learning. 

See what our previous students have said about their Toucan Abroad experience:

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Clinical Shadowing

Accumulate 40 or 60 hours of clinical observation in multiple physical therapy specialties. Acquire real practice experience, side-by-side with other pre-PTs .


Language & Culture immersion

Develop your knowledge of the Spanish language in a professional health setting. (No prior Spanish classes required.)


Travel and Explore

Embark on planned excursions to the unparalleled rainforest, beaches, and volcanoes that only Costa Rica has to offer!


Lifelong Friendships

Create meaningful friendships with other students who want to go to physical therapy school.


Take the first step today to make your PT resume stand out and have an unforgettable experience!

This experience provided a greater understanding of different rehab techniques while merging the individual in a unique atmosphere. Even if someone does not speak Spanish, the therapists try their best and use Google translate in order to communicate. All of the physical therapists are extremely welcoming and passionate about what they do. They accept you the minute that they meet you. They teach you by asking questions on what would you do if you were in their position. I am grateful and blessed for the opportunity! It’s not all work, for we got to see the fun/beautiful side of Costa Rica! I was also able to make a friend group that I can stay in touch with. ¡Pura Vida!
— Rylee W, Langston University
I have countless hours of experience in many different settings and I can confidently say that I gained the most from this experience in such a short amount of time! The therapists were eager to teach and gave me a plethora of knowledge, the people in Costa Rica were warm and welcoming, the director of our program did everything he could to make sure we had the best experience, and the friends made along the way are ones I will keep for a lifetime! I learned many techniques that I would not have otherwise seen in the United States and I was immersed into a beautiful culture.
— Rachael T, Wayne State University