Our affiliated clinics and their qualified physical therapists, strive to train the students for the upcoming challenges that they might face in their PT career. They all take great care of the participants taking time to explain all aspects of being a therapist, from patient interaction to technical practice. Additionally, the professionals will frequently let the participants demonstrate learned techniques while being monitored and critiqued. This builds confidence in students, which is essential to be progressive in the physical therapy field. 


Clinic: Clínica Integral Las Catalinas
PT: Dr. José Carlos Piedra S.
Phone: +506 8673-9180
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Clinic: Clínica de Terapia Física Roemgo
PT: Dr. Ronny Gómez
Phone: +506 8863 7465
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Clinic: Terapia Física Integral Vive
PT: Licda. Luz María Rodríguez Hernández
Phone: +506 8817 0822
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Clinic: KinergiaCR Terapia Física
PT: Dr. Hugo Garita Solano
Phone: +506 7207 9296
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Clinic: Renueva Fisioterapia y Estética
PT: Drs. Mauricio y Andrés Rojas
Phone: +506 2552 6780
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Clinic: Morén
PT: Dra. Silvia Cruz
Phone: +506 2552-0007
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Clinic: Ivonne Monge Fisioterapia
PT: Dra. Ivonne Monge Loria
Phone: +506 8882 0701
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