+ How many observational hours will I get during the program?

During the summer trips, you will receive 60 observational hours in 3 weeks. In winter trips, 40 hours in 2 weeks.

+ What is the shadowing experience like?

Students should be ready for clinical experiences ranging from strictly observational to a more hands-on approach. Each week students rotate to a new practice giving them a chance to shadow at 2 different clinics. At the end of the program, every student receives a certificate signed by the program director and the appropriate physical therapists verifying the completion of the hours.

+ What are the requirements to apply?

Applicants must be 18 years of age with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.

+ How much does it cost?

Winter 2020 Dates (2 weeks): January 4 - January 18, 2020 - $2,495

Spring 2020 Dates (3 weeks): March 7 - March 28, 2020 - $2,995

Summer 2020 Dates (3 weeks):

Session 1: May 23 - June 13 - $2,995

Session 2: June 13 - July 4 - $2,995

Session 3: July 4 - July 25 - $2,995

+ How do I apply?

Applications for our Winter Program open this fall. You can join the Wait List here.

+ Do I need to know Spanish?

There is prior knowledge of Spanish required. However, we highly encourage to study the basics and biological terms before arrival.

+ Will I have free time to travel?

In the program, the students will have some free afternoons and have two long weekends to travel. It is strongly recommended to travel in groups for safety and way more fun! We are also able to suggest awesome trips, safe transportation, and affordable accommodation all throughout Costa Rica.

+ What are housing and food like?

Housing will be provided to students either in Las Brumas Hotel in Cartago. Students will usually room with 1 or 2 others in the Toucan Abroad Program. Breakfast will be provided all days that students are not on personal travel time. Also, select lunches and dinners will be provided with excursions and activities.

+ Why Shadow PTs in Costa Rica?

Physical Therapy is a vast field that can be practiced with many different methods. Shadowing Costa Rican physical therapists is a way to be learn some alternative strategies that you may not see often in the United States. These experiences are valuable in that they differentiate your observation experiences from the majority of other applicants for PT schools. Besides, who wouldn’t want to get their observational hours in a tropical country with rich culture and breathtaking nature.