Who Are We?

Toucan Abroad consists of a dedicated team that works to provide internship opportunities to undergraduates and graduates aspiring to be physical therapists. These internships are based in Cartago, Costa Rica, with private housing, excursions, meals, activities and much more provided! Participants deciding to pursue their dream in the field of physical therapy are presented with a golden chance to shadow reputed physical therapists at reputed institutes in Cartago. We at Toucan Abroad, act as a bridge between students and unparalleled internships. Not only do you receive clinical observation hours in varied PT specialties, but you get to spend time exploring the natural beauty and rich culture of Costa Rica while making life lasting friends.

Our Mission

The Mission of Toucan Abroad is to broaden the perspective and form future leaders in the physical therapy field by exposing them to multiple PT specialists demonstrating expert patient care, all within a new culture. We want students to evolve by gaining a more holistic view of the profession, themselves, and the world by being immersed into a different society and shadowing licensed physical therapists.



Why Toucan Abroad?

Pursuing a health profession is a critical decision, especially when not having much of a grasp on the extent of hurdles in the field. The working staff at Toucan Abroad, specializes in facilitating internship opportunities to deserving candidates, who aspire to know the PT field before they apply for it. This saves their time, money and most importantly their possible regret after entering the field. Toucan Abroad helps future physical therapists in being aware of the responsibilities of a competent and approachable physical therapist. Our organization ensures to make the experience worth while by providing housing and travel facilities for students seeking to explore the beauty of Costa Rica. Participants have the added benefits of discovering the natural beauty, historics sites, and culture through excursions that are planned and executed by our team of professionals. Safety precautions during trips are important, which are properly taught to students before they leave the hotel premises and have the opportunity to uncover other areas of Costa Rica on their own during the long weekends.